Health is on the menu


There’s no escaping it. Health professionals, government and Public Health England are all banging the drum for adopting a healthier lifestyle…and particularly a healthier diet.

Of course, we all know and understand the benefits this brings, both personal and to the general wellbeing of the nation. So…how to tempt people into eating more of the things that are good for us, without sacrificing ‘taste and treats’?

Goodies without the guilt

Public Health England is already promoting its calorie reduction programme and, by 2024, ministers want to cut calories by 20% in ready meals, pizzas and savoury snacks. And one major ingredient you can find in them all is…cheese.

Cheese already ticks the box as an important part of a healthy diet, with recent extensive research concluding that three daily servings of dairy products can help cut the risk of early death from heart problems.

But, even better, our high protein cheese has 30% more protein, 40% fewer calories and 50% more calcium than standard Cheddar. Which makes it an easy option for adding extra flavour and a sense of real ‘indulgence’, while still working within healthy guidelines.