British Sandwich Week


British Sandwich Week 14th– 20th May

Sandwiches are possibly the most iconic British culinary invention recognised globally, as you will see in every retail grocery shop, sandwiches take the pride of place at the front of the store. Britain’s alone buy over 3.5 billion food to go sandwiches a year, so no wonder a whole week of our calendar is dedicated to celebrating this exceptional product.

The history of the sandwich spans back to John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich when he ordered beef between slices of bread, to avoid leaving his cards game, his name has become one and the same with the delicious chow.

The stable identity of the sandwich was designed around the concept of meat wrapped in bread to allow for the food to be eaten with limited mess. Over the years this has developed into different flavour variants and even the bread use developed to follow consumer trends. However, Chicken is still the preferred filling. Ethnic and spicy fillings are on the increase especially when it comes to hot eating.

Ornua Ingredients UK, work closely with chefs to develop new and exciting recipes to expand our customers’ portfolio linking with insight and trend data. One of our exceptional chefs we partner with, Mike Keen, has put together 4 mouth-watering recipes for this week of celebration!

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