Healthy Eating Week, 12-16 June


Healthy Eating Week, 12-16 June

Healthy Eating Week, is celebrating the new trend which has been sweeping the nation for years. Our consumers are more focused on keeping healthy and fit than ever before. Food with added health benefits is a key focus throughout the UK.

48% of people try to eat healthy and now it is recorded that a healthy diet is a part of 48% of people’s day to day lives, with only an additional 16% admit to knowingly eating unhealthy.

High protein ingredients are a big focus throughout the food market, 65% of consumers feel that higher protein products help them feel fuller for longer. As well as other health benefits such as weight control, building muscle and body recovery.

Dairy and Healthy Living

A few interesting points how cheese can attract consumers:

  • New science wipes away the concerns around dairy fats as Cheese is a repositioned healthy and natural whole food

–      Sodium in cheese isn’t linked to high blood pressure

–      Cheese in moderation doesn’t lead to weight gain

  • Development is focusing on incorporating key foods with added health benefits together. For Dairy and Grains, adding the natural fats with the high fibre for slow realising energy.
  • Consumers are increasingly aware of sustainability and origin of the products.
  • Still home for Low fat- fat is a product which is still to be eaten in moderation for health lifestyle

What can we offer

At Ornua Ingredients UK, we have specialist research teams who create and highlight the advantages of our technology to make Cheese with added health benefits. A few of our exceptional products are as follows:

  • Protein Cheese (14% Fat) 20% more protein than standard Cheddar, 35% less calories than standard Cheddar.
  • Protein Cheese (22% Fat) 12% more protein than standard Cheddar, 22% less calories than standard Cheddar.

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