At Ornua Ingredients UK we value the importance of new product development and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation and insight. The delivery of effective ingredient solutions allows our customers to improve their recipes through enhanced functionality.

We have a dedicated innovation centre which enables us to develop exciting food solutions for our customers in a professional and creative environment. Our pilot plant facilities provide the essential transition between bench top development and commercial production.

We work in partnership with customers from within the manufacturing and foodservice sectors to create bespoke dairy and food solutions that exceed expectations. We carefully manage each individual project to create unique solutions and transform ideas into successful products that are tailored to match customers’ specific requirements. Using cutting edge technology, we are able to create innovative, bespoke products with enhanced taste, appearance and functionality. Technology can also be applied to offer cost reductions through value engineering, reduced handling and wastage.

To support our customers in all developments, we have a team of people who regularly monitor the market through dairy reports and market trends over a variety of categories to be ahead of the curve with insights and knowledge. Through strong relationships, we work with our customers to work these innovations and insights into tangible products to create a bespoke service giving our customers their competitive edge in their market.