Now breakfast gets ‘a pizza the action’


It‘s something of a tale of modern times that students are happy waking up – and possibly sobering up – to a breakfast of cold, left-over pizza, lurking locally after the excesses of the night before!

But while few would suggest that cold pizza is a sought after early-day delicacy, the idea of one of our favourite lunchtime and evening staples being equally popular at the start the day is fast gaining support.

Start as we mean to go on
As they say, we live in changing times. Breakfast used to be a bowl of cereal or a slice of toast, snatched before dashing out the door? Or a meal we skipped in favour of a few extra minutes in bed?

But today, ‘the most important meal of the day’ is becoming a serious fixture in our routines, and so much more than just a fuel-stop for the day to come.

More importantly, it’s no longer all about eating at the kitchen table. One in seven breakfasts is now eaten outside the home, at work or on the move, thanks to higher levels of employment, longer working hours and longer commutes.

And it’s not just about grab-and-go. Restaurateurs have also reported a 35% increase in booking tables…for breakfast!

Enter…breakfast pizza!
Yes, breakfast pizza is the latest addition to the growing options available to a nation determined to make the first meal of the day every bit as interesting and enjoyable as the traditional ‘main’ dining occasions.

Hot, tasty, versatile, flexible, and portioned to just the size we want. Could there be a quicker or easier way to have a ‘cooked breakfast’ offering everything from the classic toppings to a ‘full English’ starring eggs, bacon, sausage and tomato? Or maybe something a little more healthy and wholesome to appeal to the growing army of vegetarians and flexitarians?

Opportunity knocks
For pizza chefs and bakers everywhere, the opportunities are endless…whether it’s something frozen to cook at home, slices served on a station concourse, or breakfast delivered to the office.

For ingredients suppliers, like Ornua Ingredients UK, it presents an equally attractive opportunity to tap into a growing market. OIUK produces all of a pizza’s key dairy ingredients, including pizza ropes for stuffing crusts and a béchamel sauce for the new wave of ‘white’ pizza toppings.

But it’s their Mozzarella range that is ideally placed to ride the tide of success. Thanks to unique technology, Ornua has produced a distinctive and creamy cheese that is really easy to handle…with an outstanding cook quality, stretch and oven-to-plate consistency.

Ornua also promises that their Mozzarella delivers a great taste, using less cheese, and with minimal waste. All of which makes it perfect for pizzas of every shape and size…whatever time of day they’re in demand.

Looks like someone got up and joined the early birds!


This article first appeared in The British Baker, October 2017