Cheddar, Regional & Continental Cheese

Cheddar & Regional Cheese

Naturally, OIUK has access to a huge range of dairy products from across the Ornua group, and can offer cheese in every format including block, grated, shredded, rapé, diced, cubed, shaved…and more.

We’re also very proud of our dedicated graders who are expert in selecting the very best cheese for each and every customer requirement.

Our delicious Irish Cheddar is always a firm favourite, but we supply all the most popular varieties too, including …

  • White Cheddar (Mild to Vintage)*
  • Coloured Cheddar (Mild to Vintage)*
  • Low Fat and Reduced Fat Cheddar**
  • Red Leicester
  • Monterey Jack

*Our white and coloured Cheddars have a firm body and uniform, close texture, and are available with mild, medium, mature, extra mature and vintage flavour profiles.

**We‘ve developed high protein cheeses, with reduced or half fat content, and with a similar body and texture to Cheddar cheese. They are available white or coloured, with a mild, medium or mature flavour profile.

  • We use a wide variety of cheese, including blends of natural and processed cheese, all of which can be tailored to meet end-application customer needs.
  • All our ingredients are produced to the highest standards, with full specifications and quality control measures available on request.

Continental Cheeses

Ornua Ingredients UK supplies an extensive range of Continental cheeses, in a variety of formats to suit both the food manufacturing and the food service industries. The range includes:

  • Gruyere (Swiss)
  • Mozzarella (Italian – stretch for Pizza)
  • Emmental (Swiss for Melting)
  • Pecorino (Sheep’s Milk)
  • Provolone (Italian Pasta Filata Cheese)
  • Feta (Greek)
  • Fontal (Italian)
  • Parmigiano Reggiano
  • Grana Padana
  • Regato (Italian) and Cloneen (Irish) (Hard Cheeses)
  • Sprinz (Swiss Parmesan style)
  • Edam & Gouda (Dutch – great for melting)
  • Manchego (Spanish Sheep’s Milk)
  • Halloumi (Cyprus – great for cooking)
  • Mascarpone & Ricotta (Italian – soft for cooking)
  • Kefolitryi (Greek hard cheese)