Functional Cheese

Ornua Ingredients UK offers bespoke cheese solutions with specific functional properties designed to suit any application or cooking method. This means we can develop products to complement a particular production method or process, for more efficient handling, less wastage and consistent results.

A typical example of our technology at work is our ‘Restricted Melt’ – a processed cheese developed to withstand baking at high temperatures or for long periods of time, without losing shape, consistency and form.

Cheese substitutes

After many years working hand-in-hand with our customers, we have a high level of expertise in developing cheese substitutes.

These specially engineered solutions are designed to replace dairy protein and dairy fat content with more cost-effective alternatives which can match particular cheese types, colours and flavours, depending on requirements.

Mozzarella Ropes

With new ideas for dishes arriving on menus and shelves almost daily, it’s important to stay one step ahead of food fashions and trends.

Through insight management, we’re able to highlight and respond to every new development, which is why we created a speciality extruded cheese rope for use in stuffed crust pizza.

These innovative cheese extrusions are available in both plain or flavoured varieties. They have a deliciously soft texture and the controlled melt characteristics mean the cheese stays contained in the dough throughout the cooking process for this softer ‘eat’.

Our cheese ropes are also perfect for stuffing the crust of a pasty, or for adding to the filling of a sausage or cheese roll.