Pizza Cheese Manufactured in the UK

A key focus for innovation efforts is the pizza sector. We specialise in cheese that has been specifically engineered for this application.

The cheese has been designed to give optimum melt, stretch and browning to give the perfect pizza in all types of pizza ovens.

To ensure we are able to meet our customers’ needs and expectations we have created 2 standard pizza cheese products which are readily available in an array of formats.

Product Name Flavour Description
Pizza Cheese (Mozzarella Type) Mozzarella – Buttery, Creamy Replacer for Mozzarella. Good stretch and melting properties. Creamy white in colour. Can be used as 100% but not as good stretch. Preferably to be mixed with Mozzarella.
Pizza Cheese (Cheddar Type) Mild Cheddar rich flavour Cheddar replacer but with more stretch than natural cheddar. Yellow in colour. Can be used as 100% but not as good stretch. Preferably to be mixed with Cheddar.


Product can be supplied as block or in a variety of different formats. Including grated, shredded, and diced. All our format capabilities are available on our Cheese Formats Page, additionally, a member of our team can guide you through the best format for your application.

We have a dedicated innovation centre which enables us to develop exciting food solutions for our customers in a professional and creative environment. Our pilot plant facilities provide the essential transition between bench top development and commercial production.

Insight management highlight new development areas in the pizza industry, so we designed especially for the pizza sector are extruded cheese ropes, available in plain or flavoured varieties for use in stuffed crust pizza.  Through controlled melt characteristics, the cheese is contained within the dough during the cooking process and so gives a softer eat in the finished product.